is it legal to carry a small pocket knife in Cambodia?

it is legal where im from and i usually have one in the car or in my pocket.  its not a big machete or "crocodile dundee" knife. just a 3.5 inch folding knife.  i use it for cutting string, opening plastic packages, makin pb & j, or whatever other mundane task. 

If its not ok to openly have one, would having one in a backpack be ok?  i mean its not like its even as big as a kitchen knife and i wouldnt have it where anyone could see it.  just a random question i didnt see in any of my google searches.  i know the rules can be VERY different in different countries


I carry one all the time. If you don't go waving it about, you shouldn't have a problem. You are not likely to get frisked by the cops here. Anything is ok in your backpack, except handguns. and explosives!

I know an American who carries a large Bowie and some carry Tasers. I am unsure of the law here, but some people have weapons.

ok cool. just wanted to make sure that it was ok before i tried it.  lol, nah i wont have any guns or explosives.  a taser or stun gun doesnt sound like a bad idea though

As a side business, I make custom hand made knives here in Sihanoukville. My web site is

What about wearing a Gerber which is a multi tool and a part of this tool is a 3" folding blade.  It is worn on the belt in a canvas pouch so it is visible.  Is that legal or is that pushing it too much.

good question. in america it can be illegal to carry a knife for self defense, but not if you say it is a tool.  at least thats what some cop told me. 

i'll check out that knife website

It's a illegal things, multi-tool might be better for your edc in Cambodia.

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I think the time has come for all foreigners to carry some form of defensive weapon when riding a moto.  The incidents of dragging people off their bikes to steal their bags has got to the stage where self-defence is now de-rigeur.

I always have a walking stick,i own 4 different coldsteel ones,the african,city,slim and the fields where i live i use the african and urish,ideal for snakes and stray dogs and the occasional waterbuffalo that blocks my the city i carry the city or slim harrased 2vtimes,one time i hit the guy KO with my stick,second timr i just treatenef and he ran away,the chickenshit SOB,all at night in dark us 100%legal to carry everywere in the world,even inside an airplane.i do need one for my backproblem,but nobody ever asked a paper from my doctor.much better then a knive.

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