Anyone living in Nancy

I have just moved to Nancy and was wondering if there were any expats in the city. I am looking for people who like to do sports, meet up for drinks.....

Hi Christina, I know this is a few months late, but I recently moved to Nancy from Canada. I do not know very many people in the city yet, and I am looking for some friends! I also like sports and drinks :) Let me know if you would be interested in chatting more!

Hi there,

Sorry for the late reply, I had a very busy time at work the last couple of weeks.

I arrived here in Nancy last November and I am also still looking for friends in the city. Nancy is quite nice but its also small and its not easy to meet new people.
When did you arrive in Nancy and how do you like it? Did your job bring you here?

Let me know if you like to continue chatting.
If you like we can also meet for a coffee.

Have a nice day

Hi Christina,

No worries for the late reply, I know things can be busy!

I arrived in Nancy in February. Yes, I came here for work. I am doing a post-doctoral fellowship at Universite de Lorraine. I should be here for about 2 years. How about you?

Yes, it would be great to meet for coffee! You can either email me or find me on Facebook to continue talking/make arrangements!

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Hi there,

A two year postdoc fellowship sounds great. What's your postdoc in?
I am also  here for a fellowship. Its a one year clinical fellowship at the CHU in hand surgery.

Your contact details have been erased from your last message so I have sent you my phone number and my e-mail address as a privat message.

Talk to you soon

Hey Christina, (and Brittbal)

I'm also doing my PhD here in Nancy, and looking for friends as well. Well, I'll leave you a private message.

Bonne journée :)

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