Advice on Insurance coverage for 6 month +

Hello Everyone,

I will arrive to the DR from Canada in December and will be staying in Cabarete for at least six month.  I would need a health insurance coverage for this period. Dental portion is important as I need some bridges and crowns work done. As I understand it's not easy to get a temporary insurance in the DR and also there is a waiting period. Can you recommend any good providers in Sosua/Cabarete area where I can get such a coverage and maybe without a long wait? You can PM me if needed. I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

You can get coverage for 6 months that will cover emergencies and basic dental. No one will insure you for exoensive dental proceedures for only 6 months. No one. It would make no sense at all. Sorry.

I have a group with Humano and I can cover you for 6 months. Will i clude good medical coverage basic dental and 5,000 rd of prescriptions. Let me know if you want info.

There is also a group with universal on the north coast. Same dental rules apply.

What if I purchase for an year as most likely I will be coming back? Is possible without a permanent residence status?

Hi Planner,

I will be staying on the North shore. Should I go with Universal or it doesn't matter? Does basic dental include filings and cleaning? Thank you!

Yes you can purchase for a year easily. It does cover cleaning, xrays, checkup and some fillings the first year.

I can cover you if you are interested. I will message you.

This post was timely as I was going to ask you about coverage once I arrive. I am looking to purchase coverage for my self and my (soon to be) wife. IF you pm me with more details and costs I can go into more detail as well. Thanks!

Hi Planner,

Please PM me as well as my wife and I are returning in January with plans to stay.


Done and done.....

We also have a group plan with Universal here on the north coast if interested.

Bob K

Mucho gracias senorita...

Thank you Bob!
What's the waiting period with Universal?
I guess my main question is: will I be able to get a health insurance coverage for my six-month stay in the DR if I apply for it upon my arrival to Cabarete in two weeks?
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Yes you can. What is not covered immediately are things like bridges etc.

Just sent you a PM

Bob K