Seeking advice on which condominium to select

Hi everyone,

I am new to this Forum and really soon to Saigon after years in Singapore and Indonesia. Like all of us when getting in a new country, one of the priority is to get quick into a nice apartment. As I don't want to waste too much time, I was seeking your recommendation. Plus, I red that real agent can be somehow unprofessional. So i'd rather have an idea of where.

My question here would then be : which condominium would you recommend in priority in district 1 or 2 that regroup nice, modern and open apartments (furniture), clear and with great facilities (tennis, large pool) and as well balcony all over the flat. My budget for a 2 beds will be around 1500 max.
Other question: what does a rental budget usually include (electricity, internet...?) and what type of lease are common in Vietnam?
Thanks for your help!


You didn't indicate the denomination, so I assume you mean US$1500.  If that's the case, then you shouldn't face too much difficulty finding a 2-bedroom apartment in any district.  However, "balcony all over the flat" plus tennis court may be a bit too demanding.  What you need sounds more like a penthouse than a regular flat.

Internet is part of the rent but not electricity.  Most landlords charge VND 3500/kw.  Management fee also isn't included in the rent.  OTOH, weekly cleaning is gratuitous in all service apartment buildings.

Rental contracts are usually for 12 months, with security deposit equals one or two month rent.

I cannot recommend any particular building, for the two districts you mentioned are not my preferred areas.

Too bad you don't like District 7. Lots of furnished high-rise, mid and high-range condos, pools, tennis, malls, trees in Phu My Hung, Also lots of real estate offices. Here are signs at one 6 months ago.

We moved here from US for 3 months, living in D2, Masteri Tower 5 (there are 5 towers, all newly built). 3 bedrooms 2 baths furnished for $1080 including management fee, very happy with everything from the building security to the pool. There is a huge mall right next to us, very convenience. We have our AC on 20 hours a day, costed less than $100 /month, very fast internet 60Mbps up and down for $55/month.

I can recommend Estella or Estella Heights the place is cool and wide, and it's suitable for your budget as well, they have pool and Tennis Court as Well all for free if you have an apatment there. and can invite friends to come and swim mith you for free also up to 4 people. I always go there as i have a  cousin who live there as well.

I moved to Masteri in Thao Dien a couple of days ago, really like it. Paid below USD 800 for a well furnished 2 bedroom apartment. Includes pool and gym, but not sure about tennis court.

District 2 is great in my view, don't miss District 1 at all.

Hi all,

Thanks  - didn't know I was having any answers so it's a nice surprise. I have done a bit of visits and yes all the ones you are mentioning are in my list (Estella, Masteri). I have spotted but not visited as well city garden, saigon pearl and ascent.
And yes to answer an initial comment, it is in USD including taxes. But actually, it seems that I can have a nice one with lower costs than that. Which is a good news.
Thanks for your helps guys

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