is Thao Dien, D1, Saigon a decent place to stay?

I am going to live in Saigon for a few months and my friend offers me her place in Thao Dien, D1 (across from Saigon River near Saigon Bridge).  Would like some opinions on this place if anyone knows it.


Thao Dien is in D2 and it's a nice place. It's dominated by expats has some nice restaurants and bars. I'ts referred to locally as "the village" as it has that kinda feel to it.
My wife's cousin lives there and we stayed there when we first arrived. I still live in D2 just not in Thao Dien. The only downside to the area imo is it's around 20-30mins from downtown which offers more in terms of entertainment.
If your only staying for a few months though I'd stay there and enjoy the escape it offers from the hectic D1 :)
Anything specifically you want to know just ask.

Hi, laidbackfreak: thanks for the info. Sounds like some place I would stay if it has nice restaurants and bars.

Now, I am looking forward to staying there.

Again, thanks very much.

Hi rhinoq, I am totally agree with laidbackfreak. Thao Dien in D2 is very nice place for expats. There are An Phu supermarket, British International School (BIS) and restaurants... If you want to have more fun and entertaiments, you can go to district 1 - the heart of HCMC, it only takes 20-30mins drive from D2. Wish you the best!

I think so, when you get right at the corner of thao dien and the main road, seems not a welcoming scenery,,the inner is okey but I would recommend you also a place called Phu my hung in D7. (nice, clean and quit neighborhood)

Isn't Phu My Hung a bit further to the downtown than Thao Dien?? Rhinoq, if you are to stay here in Vietnam for a short time and you need to travel to and fro downtown Saigon (I mean district 1), than Thao Dien will be a better choice. But if you are staying here long enough, Phu My Hung is perfect.

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