District 2 or 7

Hi All,

After a little research I've narrowed it down to renting an apartment in District 2 or 7. Which would you choose?

My situation:
Family of four (me, wife 5 year old and 1 month old)
I'll be working in District 1.
I'm interested in sending my 5 year old to an international school in District 2 next year.

What's important:
Good set up for the family, facilities like pool and playground and of course it must be secure.
Travel to district 1. I'm used to a 70minute commute so interested to know what commutes would be.



The answer is an easy one - if your kids are going to school in D2, then that's where you should live. Don't make them have to ride a bus from D7 to D2 every day. The commute for you will be about the same from either place. Could be a little closer from D2 to D1, but of course that depends on where in D2 you live, and where in D1 you work.

Totally agree with Saigonmonkey, the kids school is where you need to live near. The commute from D2 - D7 is a long one, and not something I'd want to put a young child through.
Keep in mind if you live that far out, you also restrict the child's social options as chances are most of their friends will live in D2.

I think you should choose district 2 as you choose school in district 2 for your children. I believe that you do not want to risk for your children ride on bus everyday (it may took around 1hr from dist 2 to dist 7 )... and not mention the traffic..

Also you can easily to reach dist1 from dist 2. You need to go through Saigon Bridge, turn right on Nguyen Huu Canh then follow straight then you reach Le Thanh Ton district 1. I went to work there before and it took me only 20 mins everymorning from disct 2 to Vincom Tower.

Thank you all. Looks like D2 it is!

Thao Dien area is quiet for family with kids.

District 7,is clean and with friendly environments,there some international school around here..and if they are studying in district 2 well there is a service from the school to pick up your kids..

Definitely D2.  I used to travel 4 hours every day to drop off and pick up my children at SSIS in D7. It was a hasle.  I moved to D2 and enrolled my 2 children at The American School of VN.  They love it there.  Let me know if I can answer any other questions for you.

Passed through D2 the other day; does not see m to have that many eateries and big shopping only centers around Metro mega mart . Any other comments?? Dist 7 seems mushroomed with eateries, bakeries, shops and more groceries choices..  especially along nguyen Duc Canh. What priorities??
Yes, kids are kids, but I also need to feed my stomach well..

District 2 also have many restaurant and shop... Two main supermarkets are Metro and Anphu. As for restaurant, Alfresco,
Baan Thai,  3G Trois Gourmands,Mekong Merchant, Boat House and etc... You can look for more around Thao Dien street, Nguyen Van Huong street or TRan Nao street.

In addition, district 2 is a based for ARC (ANIMAL RESCUE CENTER) so if your family have free time and want to join they are always welcome.. If you need more information about district 2 you can contact me as I stay in district 2 for almost 4 years.:)

Have a nice day

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