Foreigner buying apartment in Vietnam

Dear all,
As stated in the subject, we'd like to buy an apartment and we'd need to know the do and Don't, traps to be cautious about.
Some info:
- we don't have for now Vietnamese passport, nationalities or certificate of Vietnamese origin but I'm in the process to apply for the certificate of origin,
- the apartment we want to buy is not delivered yet. The landlord doesn't want to pay the last 30% of the payment so he wants to sell now,
- mostly our money is overseas in USD,
- our agent said the price included vat and /!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\ phi bao tri (I dont know what is it).

What are the points I should focus?


see my pm

Vat and 2 percent phi bao tri is what always added to the price of the condo. U need to get your birth certificate and bring it to your local Quan  ( the district where you swere born.)office to get your copy of birth certificate provided by your Quan.

One of the most important documents is the Red Book. Without it the transaction is illegal and subject to forfeiture.

The buyer cannot sell to us as we are not Vietnamese and there's no way we can get the certificate of Vietnamese origin before May 15th. So basically our transaction is dead.
This said, I will try to get my cert. for the future projects.

Have you downed any payment?
If not then stop and wait for your Vietnamese papers and status to really settle before planning on purchasing any real estate.
Projects are mushrooming up everyday so dont worry about scarcity.
Hire real professionals.


My first post here.
Want to buy an apartment in District 2.

Could you recommend 2 or 3 trusted Real Estate Agent?


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