Looking for a good real estate agent

Hi All,

I am looking to move to a new apartment (rental) and need help finding a "good" sales agent. Someone who will provide accurate info, has an expansive listing (primarily in district 1), will respond quickly and can negotiate good deals with the landlords.

I have had experience with a few agents prior and they seemed to lack the above mentioned criteria, especially with accuracy and response time.

Any suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

Good luck.

Is there such a creature ??

I think the good ones all moved to Nth Korea.

Approach Estate Agents with extreme caution.

Must be remembered that they are working for the Owners. That's where they get their money. They see tenants come and go but the Owners might use them for many years.

One trick that can be used is the handover scam

They charge the owner for standard maintenance work on air conditioning, water heaters, drains, and other equipment checks. The work is not done but the Owners get charged for the bogus work. The tenant moves in and things start to go wrong.

Repairs are needed but the Agent will get the tenant to pay.  They can't charge the Owners because they have already invoiced for the work which was never carried out.  Usually the Tenant will pay because they actually live on the premises.

You've got to admit that it's a good scam for the Agent and several who operate around Sky Garden 3 are very good at the scam. Does not seem to bother them as money is their only target. Keeping the tenant happy does not come into their thoughts.

It should always be remembered that Estate Agents make money out of talking and having a tenant sign a lease. They don't own the property so they have no financial commitment. They work for and are paid by the Owners, they only have to get a tenant and collect the cash. Money for not much.

They only need an office, some documents and they are ready to go

Be cautious as the law is weak.

Well, about two weeks ago, I spent a week visiting apts in Saigon with several different real estate agents. So, my intuition told me, be careful! All informations from blunders confirmed my intuition was right - Only one, maybe, might be professional: SAVILLS

Better to deal with the more established and reputable companies to avoid any disappointment. They may have their own code of conduct which should work in your favour.

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hey Delafon, are you sure about savills, or are you just making advertisment. soory for that provocative question, but you just put the name without any explications..

In the last 2 months, I got in touch with about 10 different REA.

In the end, I selected 3, then, 2.

I ranked Savills N° 2. Reason being they are big, and, as for me, small is beautifull.

N°I is Ms. Kash. pm me and i'll let u know  more.

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Been dealing with so many so call agents here in Vietnam, long story short,  Good agents simply dont exist,  or put it this way,  good people not "qualify" to be agent here.

Not easy to find a "good" real estate agent. Should keep in mind who is paying them.

If you do then everything will fall into place

Mostly yes.

I recommend DnLand, Ms. Kash. I just bought one house and two apartments.

Should you be interested, Let me know.

Hello everyone,

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Want to buy an apartment in District 2.

Could you recommend 2 or 3 trusted Real Estate Agent?


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