Checking out work in Cabarete

Hi, my name is Catharina

I am presently coming to Cabarete in January for 3 months and have secured an apartment in town.
I was living in the British Virgin Islands the last 7 years until Hurricane Irma took my Job and home in September this year.   I have been coming to Cabarate for a month in September for the last 5 years for a month Kiteboarding so I am very familiar with the place and culture. 

I was a General Manager of a large resort restaurant but right now looking to just get a bartending Job and clearing my mind.   How hard is to find work and is the process difficult?  I would appreciate all the help or info I can get.  A little displaced at the moment and feel moving to Cabarete would be a great move for me at this time. 

Welcome to the forum and sorry about the hurricanes
Work with out a residency and cedula is getting harder all the time but when you get here just check out the vast number of restaurants and bars in person.
Good luck

Bob K

Welcome to the forums. Remember you are competing with very low paid locals for these jobs. It wont be easy.

Good.luck to you. I am also very sorry about your hurricane experience!

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