Expat experience

Although 15 years ago I lived in San Miguel and Mexico City I eventuality found my way back to NYC. This time around I've been in  San Miguel de Allende for a little more than 7 months. Previously I lived 16 years in France, Paris and Nice. I speak fluent French and Spanish. The expat experience is always an interesting and enriching one. SMA is a gorgeous town. I love being out of Manhattan. I LOVE living here in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, México. Un excelente día para todos.

It's nice to hear this.  I am single, 64, my daughter is in college in NYC.   I live in Seattle but cannot bear the winters anymore.  Going to Puerto Vallarta and some smaller towns north.  I love it there and hope to settle 4-5 months per year.   It's a bit scarey as I don't know anyone.  Both my expat friends live in SMA and also Ajijic.   Im hoping to make some new friends.  My Spanish is minimal but plan on classes there.   I love the ocean so I will remain on the Pacific.  Wish me luck!

Good Luck! I am hoping to do the same soon! Once my daughter is gone to college. I love ocean. But want to have a large garden too. I am looking into El Tuito now.

Been here a long time, have lived in 6 states.  For me GDL can't be beat.

What do you like about your area? I cannot decide where I want to be. Today I am thinking about La Paz or Mulege, Baja California. Tomorrow I might changed my mind. I am all over the place. I do not like cold, but too much heat makes me sleepy and I have to work, I am not retired yet. I will be working on my computer.

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