dominican wife.

Meet Dominican wife online, older woman 44 years old 5 children. She worked in resort area. Something doesn't feel right. does anyone know what hotel resort women workers are like?


Oh my goodness. Red flags everywhere.

1. Met a dominican online

2. Worked in resort area - looking for a gringo?

3. 5 kids - you willing to take that on?  And from how many dads?

4. Something doesnt feel right - trust that feeling.

Have you net her in person? Ever been here? What do you know of the culture? The language?

Yup - run. Run fast and run far!

Wow I hope you can run.... really fast.
Bob K

Run Forrest! Run!

Does she know that you have Aids, are broke & can't work & you can't get a divorce?? Add more negative and change your e-mail & phone numbers. Anything that you can say & do to rapidly vacate this relationship.  Flee, flee my good man, flee like the wind!!

her Kids are older from 26 to 19. She is divorced. But I was just wondering about women who work in resorts. she was a supervisor in reception, very stable. Just want some insight.

I met her in person and the family very religious, the kids have one father.

Again.  I would be very cautions and keep your running shoes close by :)

Bob K

She worked in resorts and had access to thousands of gringos. So she goes online to find one! 2 huge red flags. Again - run is my advice. Religion here is a huge scam  for most.

And a question - wife of future wife? Why are you using that word and asking these questions?

She is my wife. We meet online but I am having some reservations about how she is acting. no red flags yet, just a gut feeling. I know some hotel workers date gringos, and I caught her on the phone when we were dating referring to me as a gringo. Just little things starting to add up.

Ok. So you are asking questions after the fact.

If your guts are reacting there is usually a reason. Being referred to as a gringo is disrespectful!!!

Did I say it before?  RUN!  and don't look back!

Wait did I read this are already married??? if so then you are screwed.  Running won't help.  She will end up with your house, your car, your savings, your wallet and anything else that she can get.  I am afraid running shoes won't help you now.

Bob K

Question for Bob K..............what did you mean that she will end up with house, savings, etc.....?  In the US, yes I've heard horror stories.  But are you saying it's even more definite or worse here?????  Thanks....

Unless yiu know the rules and know how to protect yourself then you are at risk!!! It does not just apply to men. It applies to expats!

It makes a US horror stories seem like fairy tales here many times.  Sometimes you do not even need to be married and still lose over 1/2 your net worth.

Bob K

WOW!!!  I'm so glaaaaad you mentioned all this!  I plan to meet someone here at some point and get married, and this piece of advice is GREATLY appreciated.  When I'm good and settled, and the lady I want to be serious with, I will for sure contact you at that moment.  Thank you.

Dont rush into anything.  Do your homework and make sure you have a pre nup!

A pre nup done in the DR!

Bob K

YUP with everyone's legal documents.

Yeah the pre-nup was definitely a done deal.....but after reading the post I will find ways to pre-nup the pre- nup😉

Good luck

Bob K

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