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Good day,
I have received a job offer as health coach ( grade 110) in PHCC and next month I'll join, but i have some worries about first days in Qatar especially because I'm relocating alone...I need to know info about the single accommodation in PHCC, how it is? and if it is far from the job location? and how is the work environment in PHCC ? the working hours and working days? Transportation? what about first days in Qatar?

Hi Farah,
Good to know that you got offer :up: I am not sure which department you got the offer. As you are aware its a Govt sector corporation so  work environment is certainly different from Private sector but  overall its healthy positive environment to work. I myself working in PHCC since 5 years. Please believe accommodations are good normally and transportation  on initial some days would be provided but employees has to arrange themselves long term because they are getting allowance in their salaries for that. Doha is safe city to live so don't worry about being alone and you will definitely find some good friends once you would be here. Feel free to ask more if you have anything specific and Good Luck to you for your new job here.


thanks for reply, plz I need to know how is the accommodation( is it shared if yes is everyone has single bedroom with its own WC?) is the accommodation far from work place ? and what about working hours and working day ?

Hi Dear... Accommodations are normally Studio apartments for each or atleast separate rooms and WC and distance is dependent on the health centers you would be allotted if you are nursing department and if you are admin then may be head office so its dependent on your Job location as PHCC has 23 health centers currently  and many housing locations all over doha .Hope helpful

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