UK Registered Company's Car in Malta

Hi everyone,

I have a question which I can't find an answer anywhere but perhaps one of you have had something similar in the past.

I drive a car that is registered to my company and I'm planning to relocate to Malta in the next few months and was planning to bring the car with me. It's fair to say that I'm willing to travel out of the country every few months was planing to take a Ferry from Palermo to Genova and then to UK at least every 6 months.

Having said that I wanted to know if I would be able to drive the car in Malta a UK registered company's car. Does anyone know anything about it?

It's a Range Rover worth 40k and in Malta a car like that would cost a fortune and I have one for free from the other job I do. I work remotely but the company gives me a car so I see no point in leaving the car parked here and walking to work in Malta or buying another car.

It's probably an unusual situation but hey life is full of this things right?

Thanks a lot!


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