Ukrainian single female visa to Oman

Been trying to help a friend from Ukraine get a tourist visa to Oman. Somehow every where I ask I am told the same thing, that single females do not get authorisation. Is this true?
Does anyone have insight on this matter or how the visa can be obtained?
P.S: I asked Bahwan tourism, Khimji's and some other friends.

Hi Profmhs,

You have done enough background research on this subject. And you have also got the answers. Whatever you have been told is indeed correct.

Single women from certain 'red-flagged' nationalities are forbidden from entering the Sultanate - on a visit visa.

The reason for that is simple and straight : To check and curtail prostitution, which was rampant till only a few years back.

Unless a single woman has an employment visa or a family joining visa issued in her name, it is nigh impossible for a lady to come to the Sultanate.

Thank you for the reply! It doesn't seem very fair since single ladies from some countries are granted access with no problems and others are not! I have been told that if she books on Oman air she may get a 15 day visa... Have not checked that option yet!

Apparently there is no such thing as Oman AIr issuing visas.. only Emirates does this for UAE!

Well I entered Oman twice as a single woman on Visit visa without any troubles. I am Polish, First time I came in April, bought visa on the airport in Muscat. Second time I came in Septemper (still in Oman), landed in Dubai and took visa from the border. After a month I went to police station to take one more visa for a month. I had no troubles in obtaining visa, they didnt ask about any sponsors, male guardians, nothing

I I am not sure but I think Poland is one of the countries in the list... Ukraine is not! Hope you are enjoying your stay!

I stand corrected there.

There is no blanket ban on single women from all nationalities from entering into the Sultanate, but rather, single women from certain 'red-flagged' nationalities are disallowed from entering on a visit visa - for the above said reasons.

Apparently it is much easier than it seemed!
The visa was processed by a hotel in muscat... in less than 3 days.. it was valid for 14 days.
My friend came, spent 10 days here and had the time of her life.
Maybe I should mention that the hotel insisted that the room be booked for all the duration of her stay. Was a little expenisve but well worth it!

Hi Profmhs,
May I ask you what hotel did your friend use as a sponsor? I'm trying to apply for a visa to Oman. I have no sponsor and thought of asking a hotel.
Thank you in advance!

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