Blacklisted why??

Yesterday, at the immigration counter of the airport, i was being told that I can't go to India because my name is blacklisted. I've been in Oman since January and when I checked with my sponsor, he said he didn't do anything with this. I've to go India urgently and what should I do?
Please help..!!

Hi Jinz,

A person will not be stopped from exiting the Sultanate, until and unless there is a police compliant lodged against his / her name.

If you feel that you have done nothing to warrant a police complaint against you, then your sponsor should take the necessary steps to vindicate your name against any wrong doing.

The company PRO / sponsor should approach the ROP first to find out why you have been withheld and for what reason, and once the reason is known, then try and sort it out.

Have you tried contacting the Embassy of India in Oman? That would be your best source of assistance in resolving your situation.

See their website for contact information:

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My Visa was canceled in 2017 October.
Now we are tried for a visit visa, the application rejected due to blacklisted me by my company.
Kindly let me know how we can resolve this.


Hi shabinnazeer,

You say your "Visa was canceled in 2017 October".

To return within a month-and-a-half you would need your last employer's NOC. Failing which, you cannot.

Besides, it seems as though your exit has not been very cordial.

For you to get blacklisted means your employer has lodged some sort of a written complaint against you with the authorities - post your departure.

Was your employment visa duly cancelled at the airport, by your company PRO, just prior to your departure ?

Hi Sir,

Yes my PRO comes with me to airport for visa cancellation.
Two days prior to visa cancellation, company ask my passport to prepare Visa cancellation paper work.

Hi shabinnazeer,

So obviously something has happened after your exit.

Ask the one who now applied for your Visit Visa to find out the reasons for your blacklisting.

At least you will come to know what are the charges levelled against you, even though you can do nothing about them.

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