married to Omani man

Hi, I am Canadian married to an Omani man for 8 years now.  We married over here in Canada and have two kids.  My husband didn't get permission to marry outside his country. 

He traveled home not long ago to renew his passport and wants to try and get the papers now for our marriage and wants to apply for green card so that myself and the kids can come live there with him.

But I have ready how its very hard to get the permission once you are married and apply.  Even heard that he can be jailed if they know.  Even read that the my kids will have to be Omani citizens and have to give up their Canadian Citizenship.  Which I don't want to do.  And that the Sultan views that he got more rights over my kids then I do.

I am scared to even try for any type of permission even green card, scared to be black listed before even gets green card or  after gets the green card and travel there that I will be black listed and will have leave but my kids will have to stay in Oman and maybe never see them again.

I have read so many things on people who been thought all this and it was not good.  Even my husband have fears of traveling home but so far so good....

I just feel that if I not move I am going to loss my marriage and if I go I am scared to loss my two babies.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

don't worry. Oman is a peacefull country and most what you heard I confirm that is not right. Omanies younger than 60 can not marrey from countries other than GCC countries, and the government has a point for that. Kids, you and your hassband can peacefully live in Oman anytime you want. However you have to come under visit or business vissa (don't know about green card). The only thing is that your kids will be treated as expats i.e. no free services (like educations & medications ...etc)


hey no its not like that i can give u some tips if u want plz contact me in my mail there is lots of guy who married out side oman and they are living here and there they are not facing any kind of problem so mail me i will discuss with u

rahaman79 :

hey no its not like that i can give u some tips if u want plz contact me in my mail there is lots of guy who married out side oman and they are living here and there they are not facing any kind of problem so mail me i will discuss with u

My friend, asking the member to contact you via your personal email looks weird to me. If you really have any info to share, please share it on the forum to benefit others who are looking for the same info.

One more thing, please refrain from using your personal email on the forum, if someone wishes to contact you, they would use the private message option on the forum to do so.

Thanks a lot :)

I agree with sandybanks and am an omani with freinds who married a foreigner its like this you report yourself to the authorities( through a lawyer is beter) that you are already married with all document of family you will state reasons and will be sent to court charged as defying the regulation of marriage as an omani to a foreigner you are sentenced to pay a a small fine and a short sentence to jail that the court does not execute but on record only becouse he violated a royal decree .
My advise is your husband  asks a freind or brother to go to ministry of interior and ask then get forms and Apply and its his choice to change kids passports to take omani citizenship or not and no . government will not stop or keep kids they have enough but then if kids stay as canadians with teir canadian passport they will have to get family joining visa to come to oman and no free medical or schooling .also we dont have dual citizenship (he can still request for green card and kids get passports if they give up canadian here as they wont loose their rights in canada .later can request for canadian passport from but dont declare in oman or use it to come to mct this can be done from embassy or from canada )

wel can u help to give information ... more...
i am from  pakistan .. and my girlfrind is from phlippines and working in oman ... and she has a valid visa. i dont know which visa but she is legal and working there..
so wht is the procedure to turn over to muslim and mary her if i will go to oman and marry her... and also get the certificate of her girlfriend of convert to muslim and also get the certificate of marriage .. which i will use to register my marriage in pakistan to apply for my wife to get visa for living in pakistan ...
can u tell me how could that marriage take place in oman whn m on visit visa and she is also foreigner and have a valid visa.and get convertion to muslim and also get the marriage certificate from oman
thx in adv plzz plz reply me... and and better if send me..PM

Hi. I am an american married to an omani. We currently live in oman. I have resident card and family visa for oman. I didnt have to give up anything. My husband went to the court here to apply for my visa. He had to pay a fine of one hundred rials and he is banned from any goverment job. Therenwasnthe possibility that the court could reject me, but thank Allah his brother knew some oneone in that department of the ministry who cancelled out that . If anyone in your husbands family has anyone who knows someone in the ministry you can get family visa. My husbands brother is married to a yemeni and she got visa, again you have to know someone who knows someone. I hope it helps you. Worst that could happen is they reject you. But they cant take your kids from you.

Hi, I American Muslim and I am in love with Omani woman I would like to know if it easy for us to get married

Yes, but outside Oman.

If within the Sultanate, you will get hauled to jail, as it is illegal for Omani women to marry any one else but Omanis.

Good luck.

That is the Reason Basically That No Women is Even interested in Looking an Expat :'(

Me and my omani boyfriend have been talking about about how Omani guy marry an expat. He told me he needs to go to the ministry and file and it won't be easy thing since you have to wait for years for it. Like his uncles did. But he feels sorry for the kids as they've been bullied by other kids in school.

But what is exactly the law states? Thus Omani man are still allowed to get married of an expat women?

Here you go: Marrying a non-Omani

Hi. i am malaysian citizen and married to Omani man in April. I am living in Muscat now and I am his second wife. He is working in the government and not possible for us to get a family visa for me because he is still married to his first wife. I am on visit visa now and must renew it on a monthly basis. Is there a way to apply for a family visa in my current situation, at the same time not having to lose his job in the government sector?

Hi i am filipina ,,can i married here in oman?😊😊😊😊

Hi sherylzenuga,

This is an old thread. I suggest you start your own thread on the Oman forum and provide some details such as the nationality of your partner and your respective status in Oman.

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Hi there
I am an indian woman married to an omani man since tht day my life is hell!! My husband work for ministry of dofhar and tried getting the permission from ministry of interior he begged on his keens and cried nobody helped us since one year we are trying for this
I even had an abortion in india because "oman is against the foreign marriage' I don't want him to go to jail........ I need help if someone can hlp us..

Please get pregnant and go to your country after come back with your kid

H. Im a Filipino married to omani man we have daughter and I'm pregnant again but until now our daughter still no have passport and birth certificate.  Is there anybody know how to help us?? I will appreciate it too much . I'm just scared they will put my husband in jail .

Sinceyour husband is an Omani, he should know what to do. Unless he doesn't care.

Yes he do care!!! As I mentioned he cried and even begged.... many omani are suffering from this

I am referring to Khalidjuma345.

Apologies love

Hello everyone I have question, I'm Filipino lady and my boyfriend is omani man, we are planning to marry in America after 3 yrs after I will get my american green card citizen.. I wanted to know if he is allowed to get papers from there Country for marriage? And what's the requirements... We want to know.. if anyone can help us.

He do care for us. Because if he didnt care maybe until now we dont have the passport and birthcertificate of our daughters . And thank you also for youre comment i really appreciate it a lot . God bless you .

Im reffering to Ms. Maria Berni

Extension of the provisions governing the marriage of Omanis from foreigners

Article (1)
The marriage of Omanis from foreigners is required to obtain a permit from the Ministry of the Interior, without prejudice to the marriages that occurred prior to the issuance of this decision. The declaration shall be issued if the applicant meets the following conditions:
1. There should be social or health reasons for marriage.
2. A non-Omani marriage applicant must be financially able to pay for the marriage, provide adequate housing and support the family.
3. Not be married to an Omani unless she is unable to perform the duties of marriage.
In all cases, approval of marriage authorization must be preceded by social research.

Article (2)
A committee shall be formed to examine the requests for approval of Omani marriages from foreigners in accordance with the instructions issued for the organization of their work.
* Two members of the Ministry of the Interior, one of whom shall be the Chairman of the Committee.
* Member of the Ministry of Social Development (*).
* Member of the Royal Oman Police.
The Committee submits its recommendations to the Minister of the Interior to issue the appropriate decision.

Article (3):
Exemption from the judgment of the first and second articles:
Omani citizens may marry foreigners after the approval of the Minister of Interior in cases of machines:
1. If the candidate or candidate for marriage is a national of one of the GCC States.
2. If the candidate or candidate for marriage in Amman was born in Amman to an Omani mother and maintained his residence therein for eighteen years.

3. If the candidate for marriage is pregnant or divorced from an Omani husband and has sons.
A decision by the Minister of the Interior may permit the marriage of foreigners in the following cases:
(A): If the applicant is a resident of the border areas and wishes to marry citizens of the regions of other States.
(B) If the applicant for marriage is a citizen of Oman by sex.
(C) If the student has circumstances in which the husband is able to make the marriage conditional, such as long residence abroad.

Article (4)
Without prejudice to any more severe punishment, anyone who contravenes the provisions of this Decree shall be liable to mechanical penalties:
(A) A fine not exceeding RO 2,000
(B): Denial of public office.
(C): Denial of the entry of a wife or foreign spouse, except in cases that are in violation of the law of article (3) of this resolution.

I have an omani boyfriend and we have been together for 1 year and planning to get marry.  Is it possible for us to get marry? Thanks.

I suggest to get a proper legal advice in such matters.

I'am French Muslim and I would like to get marry with an Omani man. We understood that is complicated in Oman, so we decided to make it in France. But there, they asked us a proof that we are respecting the low of Oman. Unfortunately we didn't get the document from the Omani ambassy in France. We are lost, we don't know what to do. Is there anyone from France who tried that? Or for people who got permission either in Oman or outside how did you do?

Thank you for your responses

Hey Rita,
We are in the same situation.. I am dutch my, boyfriend is Omani and we are planning to move to Muscat. Do you have any news about the marriage process?

Hi There,

How did you guys get married. Did your husband obtain permission to omani ministry before you get married?


Hi there! Is anyone here married to an Omani man? Thanks

Khalidjuma345 :

H. Im a Filipino married to omani man we have daughter and I'm pregnant again but until now our daughter still no have passport and birth certificate.  Is there anybody know how to help us?? I will appreciate it too much . I'm just scared they will put my husband in jail .

Hi Khalidjuma,

Any update on your situation?


Hi khalidjuma345,  where ur living right now? Did u manage to get birth certificate and passport for ur dauhter?

Am on the process of getting married to omani man first he went to walli office near his residence to start the process brought every documments they asked for then next step we were sent to interior office in Al khwair after that they requested we do medical check-up both of us and also was set to qurum police headquarters for him to bring certificate of good conduct hopefully next week will.finish all the process that took us less than 1 month

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