i want to know how to start small business in oman

salam. i am imran from Karachi Pakistan, i was doing small business in uae last about 10 years but came back my home country. now i am planning to start up new business in Oman. in this matter i want to know about licence procedure, cost of licence, sponsorship, which city is best, i have planning to established building maintenance business there , required suggestion from all u people.      thanx        imran khan Karachi pakistan

Hello imran and welcome to Expat.com

Hope that some members who have been through those steps will be able to give you some tips soon.

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yup still waiting a good advise .

Dear ..
Trade is not difficult in Amman, but in the laws and conditions that must be followed, especially in the construction field.
And also depends on whether you want to be the company under your name or be with Omani partner. Because there are different laws.
if you have any more question you can ask .

Muscat is good place for business but you will face tough competition here.
If you go some remote sides then your will loose sales volume so its upto you. if you are ready to face competition (if you trust your product/qlty) then go for Muscat as your business place. Make sure be clear about the nature of company, it can be LLC (where u can be partner) or below llc (establishment) where everything will be under your local sponsor's name

Hi Imran,

I know this is a very old post. I just want to check if you have succeded opening your business in Oman. Maybe you can gi e some advise if you have indeed proceed. Thanks.


Team please advise how to open a small business in Oman with 100% ownership.

Please email it to ***


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ammadkazmi :


Team please advise how to open a small business in Oman with 100% ownership.

Please email it to ***


Hi ammadkazmi,

The first advice to you is, please read the many other posts on the same subject in the forum to even understand the basic eligibility criteria for opening any business in Oman - small or big.

Oman does not permit expatriates to be the sole owners of businesses.

There has to be a local (Omani) major shareholder involved.

Get all the details, already available in the forum please.

I'm Abdul Nizar from India, ( Kerala ) I'm looking for a job also I'm looking for a small business start in Oman

Hi Imran - Old post but for anyone interested still - I registered a business in Muscat recently. I am a US citizen so did not require a sponsor. To begin the process, I went to the Ministry of Commerce and filled out some paperwork, went to the senate for typing / document prep as required, then paid the registration fees about 70 OMR total. I had to go back to the U.S. so did not finish the residence process - which can be done within a day and costs about 300 OMR with a business license. Hope this helps anyone looking to invest in Oman. Feel free to ping me if you require additional info!

Hi. i wish to know more details. if the post is still live, pls ping me in wattsapp ***

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Oman now allows 100% ownership of the business to the foreign investors starting from 2nd January 2020

Hallo sir thanks for the information regarding setting up business  when you are coming back to mct so i can meet you personally and get some more information. My contact details are tel ***.

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Hallo sir what is the process to register business in oman


Can I set up a business in Oman by myself? Without taking assistance from any company formation service provider?

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