Would like to interview expats now living in Florida

I'm starting a vlog to follow my journey to find the best place to retire. First stop, Florida. I'm in Palm Beach this week and would love to meet and video interview a couple of people about why they chose Florida as their retirement destination. My perfecence would be to interview someone on the Atlantic coast and someone on the gulf coast.

Is there anyone out there who would be willing?

We live in a mailbox so would not qualify

Bob K

I think Florida is a great place for retirement. There are many kinds of services helping old people here. You can also find different kinds of supermarkets, and brands here. Additionally, many old people have the same thoughts like you, so that you will find a lot of friends here.

Not in Florida yet, but hoping and working toward it. Would like to follow your vlog. Where will it be hosted?

Hi SharonMay,
Sounds like a really cool thing. I don't think it would be that hard to find expats in West Palm Beach. Try to post the link to your blog.

topic is relevant. a retirement is something that everyone is waiting for. I want in this period of beauty and comfort
but now I work in Vienna. i have contract for work for two years

I just saw your post.
If you still want to interview people
I live in Jupiter, Lived 19 years in Holland and 24 years in Brussels and now almost 5 years in Florida
You can reach me on ***

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