Paying bills in Indonesia

Hello everyone,

What bills do you pay? If you are renting, are bills included in the price of rent, and is this common practice in Indonesia?

How can you pay your bills (e.g. online, at provider's store, at the post office)? Which is the most convenient or reliable way?

With what frequency are different bills sent in Indonesia? Are there different deadlines for payment?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Rents are rents and bills are bills, the latter expected to be paid separately by the tenant and the last bill should be proven paid by the tenant before getting his deposit back.

That covers the usual three bills:
Security and rubbish collection.

Electricity and water are usually proven by showing the ATM receipt but most estates have record cards to show you've paid, one held by the local RT, the other by the person who lives there..

The vast majority of bills can be paid via an ATM but others prefer direct debit or card payments.
Most bills can also be paid at any Alfamart or Indomaret shops.

Many bills can be paid at a post office but the shops and ATMs tend to be far easier to get to. Post offices are handy for sending cash to whoever as they will send electronic cash to anyone with a KTP.

Paying in the above ways attracts a tiny fee, usually one or two thousand Rupiah so it's hardly worth a mention.

Schools commonly have a BCA virtual account if they bank with other banks so fees can be paid via ATMs
Online shopping companies commonly do the same.

Electricity bills are due before the twentieth of the month but other bills vary, my daughter's school fees being paid before the tenth.

Almost forgot because I don't use it much.

Banks have online services that allow you to pay anything you can pay at an ATM.
I do check balances and so on but there are so many ATMs around it's very easy to pay using them.
The banks supply an electronic key you have to use for everything except basic account services so the things are pretty secure.

All my bills for are paid through online banking and its immediate and you receive an email confirming transaction.
I pay my electric through online banking but water through the land lady, however when the meter is read you instantly get the amount owed as you stand and watch which is impressive.
My wife uses the post office for bike payments and school transfers as the reciepts can come in handy.
BCA credit cards send you sms and emails about balances and transactions and it's online information is great.
Etoll cards are now almost mandatory for travelling on the tolls through Jakarta and they can be topped up in most mini markets.
The financial services here whilst backwards at times and frustratingly complicated at others are astonishingly simple when it comes to bills and money managing which is great.
I use both my phone and a computer to do pay bills and it's simple.

I always use auto debit thro my bank, most banks will do it but their charges are different, CIMB Niaga are the cheapest, rp2,500 p/bill saves a lot of time and remembering and inconvenience.
All bills can be paid except i believe PLN.

the only bill I pay with INDOVISION...i get 2 tv.s different set top boxes to view different channels..and 20 g...wi-fi..about 640,000 Rp a month...Electric I just go to corner store and get a power box is like a calculater ..I just push the numbers in..and get a bit less then what I it.s worked on KWH...wATER I go to the Pdma..The water board every 2 months they say..and pay it to a cashier...maybe 40,000 to 60,000 Rp..I pay 30,000 Rp..$3..a month for the rubbish pick -up..which is good.I have another house they ripped me off..they know it.s for sale...but for 2 years they been going off an old bill..which is b/s...they should have cut it I have to take a digital pic of the metre..just a now i just won.t pay spose it.s how u set things up//cheers//

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