Hallo!! some ways to extend my Visa

Hello i am from Nepal and i am an Aupair here and the visa will last for a year. i want to extend my visa and join Ausbildung but the problem is i      have completed secondary School level only and i heard to apply for Ausbildung one must complete higher secondary level. So now i am really lost on what should I do after a year??? Please suggest me ways if there are some ways to extend my Visa after a year. Looking forward to your great advices....😞

An Aupair visa cannot b extended.
You have to return to your country and apply for another, new visa if you fulfill the requirements for any.

Well , thats not true...it can be extended and so many Aupair have extend their visa for Ausbildung and language course. I am just asking if some other options also available or not....

Of course you could get another visa if you fulfil the requirements, but not an extension of your Aupair visa.
There are several visa types, for studying, working, joining family members, etc. You could check the German embassy website in your country to see which ones you might be eligible for.

I was also an aupair and was in the same situation as you, but its some years back. U can apply for social service also known as fsj, there are so many companies who want fsjler and its easy to get. Once you have the contract your visa will be extended and you dnt need to go back to Nepal. The fsj lasts mostly for 1 year to 18 months. And after that you can apply for ausbildung which are also easy to find! I hope this helps!

Hi! Im currently working as an Au Pair too and same in your situation, i came from the third country(Philippines) and i want to extend my stay here in Germany also. You need to have atleast b1/b2 level to get a position in Ausbildung. In my situation. Im still not qualified for an ausbildung because im still in A2 level. So, i heard about FSJ and tried to pass my application. And now, im processing my papers and hoping that i wont have any problems to encounter in future. I heard that doing FSJ is also a good impact to get an Ausbildung position. If you really want to stay here longer. Try Fsj first to make your stay longer then plan your next move. I hope that everything will be fine. Goodluck!

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