Lost iqama

Good day i lost my wallet this Oct friday 13 2017 at payless in riyadh gallery contaning my iqama atm and other I'ds my iqama # ***

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Well you must register a police complain first, then you can give an announcement in a local newspaper here.

But we can't go out

Try to inform your HR department, with the help of Security they can obtain a Letter from the Police.

With this Letter if they re-apply for Iqama, you will be getting your Iqama without any additional penalties/charges.

The above procedure is applicable, if you are working under the sponsorship of any company or organization. Don't delay, it's almost 4 days as of today.

If you are under Kafeel, it is so easy for him to arrange an Iqama.

Thanks for the reply thats my problem because the mall told me to go back tomorrow to check the cctv if what happend my head told then no and then i go to the customer service then they get the information about my wallet and told me to go back after 3 days and my modir said ok and after three days nothing happend they still send me to work even if i dont have iqama and i also ask them some paper or something to show to the police if there's check point that my iqama was lost and its under process its already 6 days passed but nothing has happened

Thank you so much sir but i already informed the office and nothing has happened i can't go out by my own and im also still working.... They told me that they will send email to the company but nothing had happened its already 6 days

Don't worry.. Your employer will take care of this issue.. But you have to follow up every day..
Ask your employer to give an introduction letter stating that you lost your Iqama and re-issuance is under the process. With this letter you can travel within Riyadh.

Hope you will get your Iqama soon.

I hope so sir one of my friend here she also lost her iqama she had new one after three months

It might happened before...But now getting an Iqama is very easy and is online.. So hopefully you will be getting soon. Just follow up regularly.

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