Renting a car for 6 months per year in Florida

If we don't buy a car for the 6 months per year that we're allowed to live in America Florida), we'd rent a car for 6 months every year.

Does anyone have any guidance please on best ways and/or places to do a cost-effective 6 months per year  as opposed to standard airport car rentals?

Many thanks in advance.

Take a look at this LINK prices seem fair and specialise in long-term rentals with a vast selection of Cars, SUV's, Minibuses & trucks.

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Edited, the link works now.


SimCityAT's link doesn't quite work, but rental companies offer lower rates on month or longer rentals.  Any of the companies should be able to offer something.  Often off-airport locations will cost less.

Also, you can try p2p car rentals maybe, like, or you can Google search for other similar sites.  The prices may be lower, but be warned that if you're typically using a credit card to pay and for accident coverage on the rental, often the cards won't cover p2p rental cars.

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Thanks folks. Appreciate it.

I think the information I found under your question is interesting. I did not know that we could rent a car for 6 months. My friend rented a small KIA for 30$/day in Columbia, SC so I wonder if it is cost-effective to rent a car for 6 months in Florida. I would like to hear more information later from you.

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