shipping a car back to france

Hi!  I hope someone here can give us some advice.  My husband will be moving back to France and would like to ship his is a 2004 Jetta.  Does anyone know anything about the procedure and costs involved?  Is he better off selling it here and buying a new car when he gets to France? 


Doable. Not really worth it. VW has to cooperate. Don't know how they react but they typically don't like it as it runs against their market segmentation (Cars cheaper here in the US). French "Service des Mines" unpredictable: they can make it totally uneconomical if they want, like asking you get new seatbelts as speed limit is higher in France, so seatbelts tested for speedier crashes.
In theory you can do it but it's a pain to do and there are Jettas everywhere. Better off bringing back a Mustang or Corvette although I wouldn't advise it (Gas prices...)

cost about 5.000 dollars US when a friend of mine ask for a chevy blazer. So a for a jetta, sell it in the US and buy a new car in france.
Sending car oversea are just interesting for the old muscle or really expensive cars, not for the everyday cars.

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