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I'm a french journalist and just got a one year visa issued. I will live and work in Las vegas but will be geographically flexible. I will definitely need a car, but as i used to live in Paris and Asia, i just have never been in need of a car yet !
I hope i can get a driving license in the USA but a friend of mine was very positive about I can not get it without an american social security card.

What do you guys know about that ? Which orhanism or company can I contact to get some informations ?

thanks for your time !

Hi Sandee,

As far as I know you CAN get a drivers license with a working visa. The first thing I would do is ask your employers, they may know these rules and regulations if they have employed foreigners in the past. Check this website - http://www.dmvnv.com/ its the department of moter vehicles in Nevada (the website is a little confusing, but dont worry all the DMV websites are like this!!) each state in America has different rules for how you can obtain a drivers license.
If you have trouble finding information on the website the best thing to do may be just to call them and ask your question. Good Luck!
I hope all works out well for you in the states and with your driving :]


hey Sophia, thanks so much for the link :) This will definitely help !
I am a freelance journalist so I don't have a classic working permit. I will give them a call and will keep you posted ! Thanks again !

Hello Sandee

I moved from Paris to Pittsburgh a year ago ...and just got my Pennsylvanian drivers license last month. You definetely need a Social Security number to get an american license, whatever the state. The good news is that the SS number usually comes with the working visa. If you've got the visa, you'll get the SS number. All you need is to go to a "social security center" with your visa and they'll issue the number. You'll need that number anyway for almost all your paper work here (opening a bank account, buying a car, etc...)

But if you plan to stay in the US only for one year, I guess that you don't even need a US license. You may check the DMV website provided by PurpleGirafe, but as far as I know the rules that apply in Pennsylvania, you can drive with a simple "International license" for one year in the US, without a local license.

Any french "prefecture" would issue a "Permis de conduire international" within the day.

Another useful tip if you keep wanting a US license, you may avoid the US driving test procedure and simply ask to exchange your french license for a US license (again, this may vary depending on the state of residence). The problem is that they will keep your french license and you'll never get it back in the US. But it can be replaced once back in France... like any "stolen" license wink

One more thing: even if you don't have to pass the tests, have a look at local driving rules. It's sometime confusing for the French (all traffic stops behind AND in front of a school bus, you may turn right on red lights, etc..)

Have fun!

Thanks french vanilla :)
Well, the thing is I don't have a driving license in france either, hehe. I am not sure my journalist visa is like a working permit, as the client I am working for during that year is french and based in France. I'll give a call to the department of motor vehicles and will keep you updated.

Oh le beau cas !
Let us know how you'll manage that!


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