Cheddar Cheese and Doritos?

I'm a Canadian currently in China and considering a retirement move to Vung Tau. Just wondering about the availability of:
- cheddar cheese
- Doritos (my favourite junk food snack).

I like to cook (and bake). Where I live in China, getting many western goods problematic without a day-long trip into the 'big city' - Zhengzhou - and even then, it can be 'hit or miss' as to availability.

In Vung Tau, what about the availability of imported food goods in general?

There is an expat shop in VT it sells many western style foods, even the local supermarkets now stock cheese.

Thanks. What about Doritos?

Dont know, as I dont eat them.

I have seen cheddar in Lotte Mart in Saigon.Lotte Mart is. Korean supermarket chain in Vietnam so what is stocked in Saigon will be stocked in Lotte Mart in Vung Tau.
Lotte Mart Vung Tau is on the second large junction entering the city off the expressway alongside a very large roundabout...find the cannot miss Lotte Mart otherwise Google Lotte Mart location Vung Tau.
I have also seen Pringles and the Vietnam version of Doritos there so my guess is that you,ll find Doritos there also.

Is the "Vietnam version" of Doritos actually branded 'Doritos' and made in Vietnam; or do you mean something similar to Doritos?

When I lived in Korea, Lote Mart bought out Wallmart and all the cheese disappeared! (Koreans don't eat real cheese). I'm glad to see the ones in Vietnam are different.

I saw the Vietnamese version by chance strolling around one day,they had a different name and I remember thinking...."look like Doritos"so probably made in Vietnam or possibly Korea.There were various Western Brands also so I guess there,s a fair chance of real Doritos being in stock also.
Have  a look at a previous  post " where to buy Doritos"  ......apparently lots of places.

Can’t say about Vung Tau but in Hanoi L’s place have them.

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