Considering a move to PWC Qatar (Auditing)

Dear Members,

I am a single British Chartered Accountant. I am considering a job offer from a Big 4 Auditing firm at a manager level and I currently work for a BIG 4 in London, UK. I have the following queries if any experienced members could assist me would help me in deciding on that offer:

1. How much total salary package I should ask or whats the current salary level of an Audit Manager in the Big 4?

2. What is an average monthly expense of a Bachelor living in a reasonable shared accomodation not necessarily a villa in a compound?

3. What is a work/life balance working for PWC Qatar in particular and Big 4 in Qatar in general?

4. Do Qatar's modern infrastructure compensate for the loss of green parks and weekend lifestyle of London. Let's ignore Alcohol and Nightclubs here, how much a bachelor could enjoy weekends in Qatar?

5. Is Doha big enough not to get bored easily?

6. Is it the right time of coming to Qatar with all the GCC blockade of routes/food from neighbouring countries?

7. Do you see Qatar going down and will be affected much due to the current scenario, whats the job security?


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