Class B Permit


I am trying to find away to live with my boyfriend in Kenya.  We unfortunately cannot get married, so I have to look for another visa instead of a dependency pass.   Has anyone had any success with the Class B permit?  Can you please provide me with options or information? 

Thanks so much!

Hello, I am wondering why you would opt for a Class B permit?  You need to own land (leasehold only) and have sufficient capital to get started.   I don't think that it's necessarily the easiest option.

If you can show that you have an income from a source that doesn't involve working in Kenya, apply for a Class K permit.

Thanks for your reply.  My partner and I do have some land here already.   

For the class K, I’m not sure my income outside Kenya would be enough as it’s only $20,000 a year roughly.

I recently gave up my main job and only have my consulting business now going, so I was able to come down to Kenya more often

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