Selling inside Angkor Wat

As I already posted in others posts, I am thinking of moving to Siem Reap and set up a business in Siem reap. Not opening a bar, guesthouse or restaurant. I can not be more specific, but part of the plan is selling things to tourists. Now my question:

I was in Angkor Wat last year and lots of people are selling stuff there. How is this arranged? Do you need licence or permit? Is there a year -ticker, so someone can go there every day?  I already did send an email to the APSARA Authority but got no reply. If anyone has informatie or is already selling stuff there please tell me!

Its basically the local organized crime that run the show and give a slice of the business to the authorities so as to let them operate.   Its the same way all over the world.

If a foreigner tries to tap in the business you can expect the authorities to show up and ask for all sorts of documentation and licenses; the funny part is that docs requested have never been issued before or even exist - and expect to be fined and your wares confiscated and perhaps even jailed for a day or two.

In this post you didn't mentioned what kind of wares you intend to sell.  Depending on the nature of the wares you might be able to get a license from outside the complex but in the end you will always need some sort of permit from the complex to be able to operate on its grounds.  Also expect to pay a portion of your daily income to some officers in the form of tea money.

Good luck.

I posted this question more than a week ago and got not reply so I  posted the same question on khmer440 forum.
There was a lot of interesting and helpful discussion. Don't think we have to start it over again here.

My overall conclusion to sell in Angkor Wat or rest of Cambodia:
Have khmer sell for you there and have them managed by a khmer manager. Let everyone think it is a khmer operation. Don't piss anyone of and act peaceful and respectful and do not know show how successful you are. That is the way to stay out of trouble.

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