Extension of exit re entry, how?

Hi. Need your help. I am currently in the Philippines and my exit re entry will be expiring on October 17, 2017. Is there any ways to extend it? Btw, I am working in Jeddah as a nurse. Thank you.


YES it can be extend through saddad system, you can ask your HR to extend it for sure they knows what to do.

30-60 days = 200.00sar
     90 days = 300.00sar
additional 100.00sar for every 30days added

Dear sir,

    Without submission of passport HR can directly increas the visa validity ?

You can not do anything unless your HR start working on the case ... otherwise you might be banned for 3 years .. hope thats not your case pdateand the you have solved it already ... awaiting your update

Hi dimysss

Im also a filipino. Na tapos mu ba yung process nang exit re entry mu? Anu ba yung ginawa mu kabayan?  Thank you...

you can extend it only form Saudi emboss in manila after you received the approval letter form you sponsorship with printout form the passport office.

Thank you so much for replying. No need visa agent assistant? Ill go directly to the saudi embassy? Or they will give u accredited agent for you to process the re entry extension? Have u succeeded with the procedure? How long does it take to w8 for the approval of the embassy? Thanks...

Extending exit re-entry visa while on vacation is not an easy way, the procedure goes as follows;

1. Visa extension can be done only after expiry of the current visa validity
2. Your Residence permit must be valid until the period you request to extend
3. The company have to prepare the documents through two different government agencies/offices in Saudi
4. Your passport along with these documents has to be submitted to the Saudi embassy in India through an agent
5. Where-after they may grant visa extension for two weeks.

Within that period a person can return back to Saudi. It will avoid 3 years ban.

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