New business venture (small)

Good day/evening people.

I am visiting Viet Nam in January 2018 with the intentions of doing some research on starting a small business venture in the country. I will be visiting HCMC and travelling the coast between there and Nha Trang, also I would love to see the opportunities Phu Quoc has to offer

I have holidayed in Thailand for the last 4 years and although I love the place, it is not somewhere I would want to stay permanently. I though about starting business there but I feel there is too much corruption and back handers going on. I understand every country in the world has corruption etc but I am hoping for advice on this and if anyone has any experience of doing the same as I am looking to do I would appreciate any advice

Thanks in advance

You may want to say what type of business. Certain businesses you are not allowed to operate. Corruption in VN is worse than Thailand.

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