Seeking English speaking job related to Digital Marketing in Germany

I'm based out of India and I'll be moving to Germany early next year as my fiancé is working in Germany. I'm very much interested in getting a headstart in moving to Germany. As I will be eligible to work with a spouse work visa, any leads that can help me find an English speaking job related to Digital/Content Marketing will be much appreciated. Thank you!

Maybe such a job exists for a big international company in a major city like Berlin or Hamburg but otherwise it is pretty unlikely. People speak German here and any advertising done online or otherwise is in German. Sometimes an occasional expression or word in used in English because it sounds cooler but not whole advertisements or advertising campaigns. But you can always use google and try something like "English marketing jobs Berlin" or wherever you plan to move to. Most jobs in English are for high-tech or advanced academic fields.

As Tom indicated above, not speaking German limits you to roles that cater to foreign markets and do not need close interaction with German colleagues, partners or customers. It is a small niche!
But by already having a work permit, you cleared a major hurdle that prevents most non-EU foreigners from working here.
Good luck and enjoy your stay in Germany!

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