Looking for a friend for december

Coming to Dubai on 2 december till 10 december for a holiday on my lonesome, id been via the airport enroute to australia but never got to do the stop off in dubai. 

Looking for a friend or friends to hang with in the city and hit the beach/excursions

Anyone free?

HI dear.
It will be a pleasure to have a time with u.

Any help...pz buzz

Welcome Any Time :)

You Will Like Dubai!

Hi welcome to dubai

please let us know once you are here

Hi , how are you, I am planning too , to visit UAE , and discover some cities there , so I was wondering if you need a fellowship , and visit it and enjoy time  together.

Hope your trip is over by the time I respond.  Ay be next time do let me know with your interests

I didn't go yet , maybe in the last of November or December , what about you , when you will be there

Ill be there 2 december - 10 december

Ok that's good , I will make you update before go there maybe , we can meet each other there

if you like contact me on whats Up ***.


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i will be there on dec7-dec9


Hi missy enjoy your stay in dubai😊 it's just sad we can't meet coz my flight will b December 26 to January 2.  For vacation.

Ahhhhhh thats a shame we going different dates

I can manage my time to spend few days and show you the heaven on the earth..welcome to Dubai.

you must welcome in dubai

You are most welcome to Dubai. If interested, I could be a companion for beach swim and other excursions. Just send a message,


sounds fun do update so we can have fun

hey there,
Im in a transition state too, traveling & exploring UAE on my own
here till 12th.
I could use some beach exploration kinda company
let me know

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Hi Missyg...
I will be in Dubai as of May 1st as I am relocating there. I will be looking for new expat friends and if your still in Dubai I would like to see if we can get together.
Message me back if you like. Take care and safe travels.

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