looking for friend to hang out sometimes :)

Hi, My name is Ryu.
I'm 25 yrs old from Seoul, South Korea.
It has been nearly 6 months in Dubai, but I barely have friends here. working hard is good for career but at time I would like to chill out with some friends who is not related to my work ;p

so far, It has been so difficult to meet genuine people in dubai for there are many cases like looking at me like a burger -.- with some sleasy impression- now I am really get sick of it. (so those who have that intention -no thanks)
I just want some friend who can enjoy this city life.

let me introduce myself more ....
I am working as a marketing executive near DIFC.
somehow I have come to work in dubai right after university. Before this I was in Frankfurt for internship and been some part of world like Tokyo, China(Goungzhou/Shenzen), HK, Malaysia, Washington DC so on. ( * I love travelling! )
I describe myself as open-minded person, anyone who is also looking for "friend" I would like to get in touch with !

Have a good day all


hello dont worry about that,,,you need to be waiting the right friend and truely with you,,,hope you find that!take care always

hey ashrim,

i am into marketing currently resided at international city in dubai. looking for like minded individuals to visit places in dubai and conversations.would like to know your interest.


Hi Ryu,

Welcome to Expat.com! :)

Thank you for this introduction.


Hi Ryu reply me if you would like to be friends with me.. I am Cheryle staying here with my family ....

Hello. Welcome to dubai...I am french and working in duvai. I have a kit of friends but I need ti get also new friends as well. It will be my pleasure ti discuss with you...cheers.

keep in touch -im too look out in real good frnds...!

hi aahrim
welcome to dubai
wishing to be friends with you
Let me know how we can progress this further


Hi ryu

It was fun reading ur msg that some one was looking at u like a burger..
Nice Humour sense...Itz Ok..

Any way...My name is Prince & am working in Dubai..from India...
If  dont mind having a brown skinned friend to be with I am there for You.

I will make sure that U feel a friendly warmth,bcoz i was also goin thru the same situation till somedays back..

If You have a BB png me on Pin:233989CF..or call me on 0504235367..
Hope to hear from you soon..

Warm regards

Hi Ryu,

You sound like you are in the same situation as me. I am from the UK, looking to meet new people and make friends. I live near Arabian Ranches. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to chat or even hang out some time.

Take care :)

Me too im looking for friends to hang out with. i will be in Dubai from 12-22 March and i dont like to be bored alone there so u can count me as new friend


This is David. I moved to Dubai from about one year and half. I felt the same like you it's not good without friends a all.
I like to meet new people to hang out with go to beach or drink a coffee together so if you are interested you can contact me

I think we can even have a group outing since there's many persons here feeling lonely and looking to meet new friends

let me know if you are interested


hi popguy! how r u? yeah we need to do group gathering as we can see most of us are lonely so kindly check when would u like to meet up and which place? i really would love to meet new peoples as i dont like to be lonely in Dubai

it is my first message dont know how to explain my feelings but anyways wish to meet u hope we can grow and feel even can b lucky so let us try it.thanks

Hi Everyone .... it can be lonely in a big city full of people with unfamiliar faces.  Been thru that and now have a group we can chill out to share activities and exchange views.  Anyone is welcome to contact me to enable me to continue to expand my group of friends in Dubai to socialize (plus get advise to do things in DXB).


Hello madam or Sir
i am looking some time injoy the traveling i have car and my family here but i need a good and intelegent frind .
If u like to met and talk 2 me pla introduse more u r self .

Hi Ryu,
I travel  a lot but I enjoy the company of intersting people who talk about and share their experiences. If you would to meet at a coffee place or for a meal I would hearing more about you. No hamburger cravings.
Eli ***

we can be friends.............as long as we are both good.I look forward to hearing from you soon

hi Lisa,may be we can arrange and meet..........happy meeting good friends

hi, you will find a good one, im also looking for good friend if u like let's meet in dubai. Thanks
have a good day

Hey, I am Living here since a year now ..
Looking for some cool people to hang out with ..
Also would like to mix with people from different cultures ..

All my info is true on the profile including my picture ..


Do u like to be normal or u like classy places and show-off


if you would like to meet normal people and having fun watching football, smoking sheesha and playing cards and play-station... then just tell me...

we meet up always in a nice cafe in Bur Dubai area... and we always welcome new people to join us....

hi i am here in dubai so send me u r contact v can meet may b v can find a way how to b lucky and explore dubai.

Hi Ryu,

I'm from Malaysia. Work at JLT and stay at Marina. I like to cycle. You can join me cycle at Marina if you want. 0563606699. Cheers!

Hello.. Ryu..or anyone...I'm going to be in Dubai on May2-3.. if you want to get together for coffee or lunch let me know..

Im always in and out of DIFC during the day, so if you want to hang out for coffee, lunch, then PM me.

Ive lived here all my life, so an insight to Dubai life is surely up for grabs :)

Good Luck !

Hi Ryu,

I would love to have you as my friend.

nice, count on me

hi can i know are you girl or man, am from indian male age 33 , working in govt dept tourism , a looking for male friends only,

hi dear ur from?

Hello Dear

NIce to sey Hello to you first
thani i introduse to my self
I am hasan Rizwi
Working as a PRO/Admin
working in DUbai silicon oasis
I am looking some nice friend to some time gotogether out or injoy the beach life and long driving .

If u r interested to reply me then i give you more details
have a nice day
thanks & Regards

my name is fahad i am working in bur dubai as sales manager,nice to meet u

heey aahrim let me know if you wanna chat .


Hi dear thanks ur message to me, am from india kerala, working in govt dept dubai, tourism dept admin asisst,i like to go out with good frien.



i saw ur message through my e-mail

am interested to get real and nicely friendship if u interested also
pls call me on ***
or e-mail on


my best regard


just i tell u am working also here in dubai as project manager (civil engineer) am looking  also for good and nice friend





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