looking for friend to hang out sometimes :)

Hi i am sidhu,

..thanks for mailing me,

i am really boring here i am living here in dubai lonely. So i would like to make friendship with you. if you wish to meet we can meet some where else i am here in Al Rigga.

if you interested then please send me your contact number and send me mail.

your sweet sidhu

Hi am princess,can we be friends


Call me and tell me more about herself.***

why not

how about at Dubai Mall?

HI, Ryu

Great to meet u here.

we have something in common, ig, I have been live in Singapore and Shenzhe, China for almost one year respectively, and as for Dubai, I have been here for 5 years.

Am also an open-mind person willing to have friends with different backgrounds.  Currently am working in the oil&Gas industry.

I like to hang out with friends in club, bar and some place with nice food. Let me know if u also interested. 

BTW, am chan from china,  tax me when u free


I am working on and off in Dubai until end of August. Have not had time to socialize up till now, but would like to spend afternoons or weekends together with new friends. Send me a PM if you like. I'm not afraid of physical activity nor nightlife. I am living in the Jumeirah region. If you have had any experience in Dubai that is a must for all visitors I would appreciate if you showed me.


Hey there,

I understand where your coming from. I had the same issue when i moved new to Dubai 3 years back. Like to meet new people from different places and cultures and learn from one another.

I am 28 years old, from turkey, studies in US and working in London and now in Dubai for last 3 years. Now i work in a bank.

I love outdoors, sports, breach and sea sports, movies, novels and music.

I live around dubai mall area.

Would be glad to meet up sometime


hi blackfire, do you message to me?

U r welcome

Hello Ryu;

I have just registered to this site, I am new to Dubai , just couple of months back and I can feel what you have written and felt by that time.

i can see that your message is a little bit old , and probably you have friends by now but if you need one more friend , please let me know. Definitely I need friends so let me know if you would give it a try.

I am living in JBR and you can reach me here or on 0506561400,


Hello Ryu,

Hope you managed to find some friends. Im looking for some friends myself. get in touch :)

Im Jiya :) Indian. Been travelling for 7 years. Lived and worked in the Uk for a good 3.5 yrs. recently joined the Marketing team at Ajman Port and customs. Live and work in ajman. been 2 months here. Just like to chill and have fun and live life happily!
Hope to speak to you soon.
email: [Moderated: send details in private pls]

take care

Helloo !!!

hi Ryu,

im sorry about what happen to you then. Each person are having diff views and comments of what they seen.
by the way, you can count on me then. just give me a buzz..

wow. such a nice place to put a wonderful advertisement like this. :D


I am salauddin, from ajman, I am also searching good friend if you like you can call me (Moderated: Please avoid leaving your phone number on the forum for security reasons)


hey,  how r u?
still intrest in hanging out??

hello =)

hope we could meet and hang out.  where you in dubai?

whats your number?  you can call me (Moderated: Please avoid leaving your phone number on the forum for security reasons) Stephen.

Well I can Relate to what she is going through. I'm in Dubai for 2 weeks. I really like here but i need to find new/more  friends. I thought of sharing a flat with someone just for the sake of the company and networking
If  we  can meet up with them and enjoy a cup of coffee or pint of beer or anything else.
I speak German and Arabic too. I play Drums and like Video Games

hello lets chat then we can proceed

Hey if you are still looking for friends let me know! I've been living here for 2 years now and I still have the same problem. I really need a genuine friend to hang out with!


Hi i would like to hangout. Please IM me.

PPL... I too would like to chill and enjoy the company of u all... IM me too

hi Yasmin,

Well Hi from me and the return Hi will get you a coffee... Lets meet up!!!


are you alone...feeling bored in UAE.....Explore UAE with me on Car on weekends in sharing expense!!!

Wholeheartedly!!! It will be my pleasure to be your friend. hope to read from you. Take care always.

Hi ryu
Job are you? How is dubai treating you so far? We might have something in common...

I would be available and I can completely understand your situation and your thinking hopefully u will be succeeded.......

Hey Girl,

I have had the exact same thing happening here, alot of fake people that want only one thing.
I am so over it, been here for a year and a half and meeting people is very tough both guys and girls.

Please feel free to contact me lets chill. i have mainly guy friends now and would love some girly company.

I am from South Africa, i am fairly easy going so ye chilling is on top of my list of things to do.


HI,,,, im asanka from sri lanka...i like contect with you..i wos here now 9 years work in driver...my age is 29...i think so many sri lankan people working in koriea,,, i like to go there...hi  tnx..

feel free dear and contact me this is my email

[Moderated : Please avoid giving your phone number over a public forum ]

hi dear how are you

hi, I also need friends , i am really bored, watsapp me if u re still interested

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I am daisy, nice to meet u here. I am in search of nice friends , I have been here for almost 3 yrs and it has been very difficult to find or make friends. I will appreciate it if u accept my hand of friendship.  Thanks

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hi, looking for friends to hang out with too

You are lucky every one is excited to join you. :o

Hi ryu,

Welcome to Expat.com. Great seeing your profile. I live in Abu Dhabi. I head HR for a group of companies in hospitality sector. Oh, I didn't mention my name. Me, Binu . I am sure you will find some good friends here in this forum . This is a good platform to get many of your questions answered and I find this blog quite useful be it for classifieds, jobs, networks etc.

Bye for now. Keep well.

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