African friends in uae

am new to dubai and wanting to make some friends from kenya , nigeria etc.  Any one interested

Welcome on board inderjagg ;)


Hello inderjagg,

Please use lowercaps, while posting please.

Lol [at]  inderjagg being dissapointed,.. patience my friend.. I'm sure you'ld meet great people here in Dubai. Just spend your free time living life...There are great Africans here.

Hi inderjagg,

You may view the Dubai expat network to find some Africans contacts.

Wish you good luck and i am sure you will get loads of new contacts on the site.

Thanks for the encouragement BOBO. but it would have been better if I could have started from you.

I think i am getting desperate, lol

Oh well,.. It's ok if you want to be friends with me. I'm male, late 20's and presently studying for my MBA. Feel free to ask what you would like to know.. I'ld answer questions I find comfortable. In the meantime, maybe you can tell me a few things about yourself and how you are enjoying Dubai :).

hI bobO
am too confused with dubai.  Am a manager in a company.  How long have u been in dubai.  Never knew people came to dubai for studies too.  Where do u stay

Yeah well,.. Its pretty tough when one goes to a place for the first time. You would certainly make friends but its all about being yourself and open minded. Oh,.. Yes people study here in Dubai and there are various international universities and business schools. Are you african? What country to be precise? By the way I've been here for about 6 months and it's been great as there is so much to do.

Oh well, it's late and I wish you a great week ahead at work.


Hi Bobo

Hope u had a great weekend.  I am an Indian setelled in USA.

I dont think I am lucky enough to find some african friends.  Am 38 yrs old and at that age finding friends is difficult as being in college.

Hope I had some good company during the weekend presently the only company I have is my TV remote.

U think you can help me out.


Why Africans in Particular?they are lots of Africans in Dubai,how comes you ve not met any?

i can relate to you it seems once we are out of Africa we forget who we are and adapt the me myself and l culture we see around us but thats so not us!!!!!!!!!;);););););););)

I love being black and African.

Hi Dear

I am Jahir working as a admin in dubai


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