renting with pets


My husband and I are are thinking of moving to Alicante from the US next year. We have an 80lb dog we woudl be bringing. Are most rental homes and apartments pet friendly?

Thank you!

Generally not. I had trouble finding someone to take a cat. Friends who have just sold up in Alicante and are renting whilst they house hunt in Malaga had a lot of problem finding someone who would let their German Shepherd in.

I think the usual trick is to say nothing and, when it comes to contract signing, if there is a no pets clause you mention it then. Most landlords choose to take the pet rather than have to start the whole process again.

thank you so much!

hi were looking to move to alicante with three dogs awell looking for a long term rent with someone who would take three dogs aswell any ideas would be much apreciated thanks :)

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