Job seeker visa - slots for appointment

Hi Sreedhar, Thanks.I sent you a message personally. can  you please check and reply?. thanks

Hi SREEDHAR17, I too need help to book appointment slot for JSV. Sent a personal msg. Could you pl help.

Dear Members,

I have facing the same issue. I never find a slot to book an appointment for Job Seeker Visa in Delhi.

This is a huge disappointment.

Please add me to whatsapp group to discuss the case. My number is -


Kind regards,
Sunny Chawla

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Hi Are they releasing slots everyday


Do you mind adding me to the group please?


Hi Sreedhar,
I am also facing the issue for appointment booking in Bangalore slot.
Please help.

Please add my no to whats up group


Hi Please help me for appointment.

My number is ***************

Hi Sreedhar,


Please help me JSV for Bangalore slot.

Thank you. Basavaraj.

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