Land with title deeds wanted in Agadir

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I am looking to buy a plot of land ideally around 1000m2, with or without a dwelling. Must have title deeds, as close to a beach as possibly, approximately within 30km of Agadir airport.  Would love to hear from anyone who knows anything - Thank you

Hi im Dealing with Real Estate And property. We got Dome Land around 15-20 min from Agadir Cloth The Beach. It is between Agadir And Taghazout.

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We are dealing with property And Land in Agadir
We have a Land 20 min from Agadir. Its between Agadir And Taghazout.

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Assalamualaikum, about how much would a hectare cost very close to beach? Must have view of beach.

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Did you finally find what you were looking for ?

we can meet in agadir to discuss this price. i will be there in february.

Hi guys, I'm very interested on this thread as well. Please let me know if you're in Agadir and able to discuss in person!
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Hi ,
I you still looking for the land you looking for just contact me I have what you looking for ,ideal price too no more no less

Do you have anything in Aourir? Land or building.
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Hi,i Think to turn in my country and ihave nothing.

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