Means to Ship Remaining Belongings from USA to Cairo

I am moving myself and our two small children to Cairo FT, where we already have a home and my husband is from/works/lives. Currently we are in MN USA and I do not have any large items or furniture to move over but we do have a decent amount of our small but necessary belongings I need to have shipped over to Cairo. Just things such as our clothing, some home decor/photos/small household items, keepsakes, bedding, books, kids toys, etc. What is the best means of shipping it overseas like this? Has anyone used fed ex or DHL for the like of this sort? And of so, (or other options as well) what kind of price am I looking at roughly or what have you experienced paying in the past? Price is not as important as reputable means, ability to insure the valuables and be transported safely and in a timely hassle free manner. Thanks for any help or advise in this area

in Egypt you can find what you asked so easy ,there is allot of shops have good furniture and home stuffs with sooo good price they have what is new and what is in good condition near from downtown in FAISAL ST, NASR CITY,AND all around

Go with DHL if you don't mind the cost, unless otherwise you will find other companies  for shipping from USA to Egypt with lower cost @ internet.

Good luck

We are moving from UK to Hurghada and for £6500 worth of goods, it's costing us over £6000 to import the items due to fees and taxes at the port. Be VERY careful