Rovereto-Trento Italy area looking for english speaking job

Hello. I live in Rovereto Italy and am searching for an english speaking babysitting job or english lessons in the private sector in the Rovereto-Trento or possibly Bolzano area.

If you have any helpful information or websites please let me know.


Welcome on Belinda :)

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I will suggest you to post an advert as well on the Italy Classifieds page, Category>Community>Babysitting. This may help as well.


Is there any local paper to list a job in for Trento?

hi il be happy to accept any jobs availble around trento. im just waiting for my visa to enter italy. mu husband is already there thank u by the way im from the philippines who will finaly migrate to italy any time soon

Hi guys ! You're welcome in Trento. (moderated: no free ads please)
good luck


Dear belinda,I work for a language school and I am looking for a teacher to do some courses that should be starting in rovereto.

Hi Belinda,

I'm new on Expat. If you don't mind me asking, how much money would someone need in the first few months to live in Rovereto?


I am living in Rovereto right now and have most of my mornings free. If this time works for you and you are still looking for someone, I could definitely help you out.

Hello everyone,
I am living in trento. I Can speak English ,German,Persian. I can cook also good .

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