where I can rent a house?

I will be living in Banjul or Serekunta. I'm from Tucson AZ.  My original home is Akron Ohio. I need to know where I can rent a house.!  Is there a site where I can rent a house for about a year or six months? I know absolutely nothing
Thank you so much for any advice that you can give me.


Hi Valindarose,

Will you be working in Banjul? if so do you want to live in the same area as you work?  Depends on your likes and dislikes and whether you will have transport.  There are areas where it is quieter in the country but further from Banjul (45 Minute drive) and also areas where it is more lively and easier to get to restaurants/bars and only 20 minutes drive from Banjul.

Hello I’m very sorry that I am late for your reply . But I am still interested in renting a house two bedroom. I will not be working I am a retired disabled teacher. I am looking for housing***** I Plan to live there in Gambia. I do prefer kind of a quiet place not as noisy as Serekunta.So if you can please please please let me know. Thank you

Get here get a guest house room then check the local agents book from away you don't see what you got and will be ripped off.


There are many areas that are nice and quiet, but I suppose it depends on whether you plan to drive out there. 

You can get in touch and I can show you areas and properties/land which you may be interested in.


Hi there ,i"m wondering if anyone could help me research or find a place to rent for 6 months or more please, any area would be considered and 2 bedroom is essential..
Me and my friend would like to come to Gambia on the 3rd November  and stay till April.
Just some ideas where to start would be helpful ??
Thank you

hi . really interested to hear if u found a house to rent and if so could you offer me some advice on exactly the same as you ? 2 bedroom house or apartment to rent for 6 months .
Dont know where to start and would like something decent but price also
Thank you Annette

Is easy to rent a house here an you can ask for the location you will love to be in then u will get it easy. am living Gambia an also am a tourist driver an I have a partner who sell houses too

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