Sales Representative Salary Buenos Aires

Hey y'all, I'm a twenty-something living in Washington, D.C. I've long wanted to try a move to Buenos Aires.  I've visited, worked, and studied in a few countries and must say that I particularly enjoyed the culture in Argentina.  I'm working on my VISA and a place to live over there, etc.  However, I'm wondering about the guita, the moolah:

What would be a common salary, in USD, for entry-level sales?  I understand if I wouldn't be paid in USD, but plz at least specify which currency your answer denotes; I've seen too many forums on here whereof posters switch between currencies as if it should be obvious to which they're referring. 

I appreciate the responses!

You can find salary ranges and averages for Argentina here for occupations picked from typing in the beginning characters and selecting from the drop-down menu, and sliding the button to indicate years of experience in that job: … usalario#/

Change the currency from ARS to USD in the drop-down at the right top to see amounts in US dollars.

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