traveling to qatar from saudi via connecting flight

hi good day! Im planning to travel to qatarr this december but im not sure of I can travel via connecting flight thru kuwait. will I have a problem with my visa since both country is having a political rift?

I don't think that you will have a problem. Only if you are Saudi National. But if you are not Saudi you only need a ticket with return and exit reentry visa back to Saudi . Visa in Qatar is upon arrival for 100QR through Visa card.

Thanks much for the reply ;)

Hi @rcmedina, which nationality is included for a visa upon arrival that costs Qar100?

Does the expat from saudi will not have any problem with Saudi immigration considering the dispute? What are the assurance that they can go out and get back to KSA without any trouble?

Sorry for flooding your with inquiry but my friend in KSA is also interested payih me a visit here in doha and i have the same query with the sender. Thanks a lot

I asked my saudi friend according to expat will not have problems going to qatar only saudi nationals

thanks for the reply... :)


i am living in khobar, and my family is in qatar, can i visit qatar by road ? or boards are closed for every one? please advise.

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