Returning to Singapore with unpaid debts

I worked in Singapore from 2013 to 2015. I over-extended myself and ended up with credit card debt when I left Singapore to live in Australia, debts which I was unable to service due to unemployment. Things have been very lean for the last year: I plan to pay off these debts when I can but I have not been able to. Things are looking up now as there is an opportunity to do business with a construction company in Singapore and the company would like me to visit to start things up. All going well I'll be back to having a regular income and will be able to pay down these credit card debts, but I am concerned that when I arrive I will find there is a warrant and I'll be detained immediately until I can pay the debts back, which will be never if I am detained since I won't be able to earn an income.
Can arrest warrants be issued in relation to outstanding debts in Singapore? Is there any way to find out whether or not such an arrest warrent exists?

@eaz hi... Did u managed to go back to singapore?

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