Mauritian SIM card for banking purposes in Australia

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I came back to Australia in September last year.  I would like to inform all those thinking of moving overseas to keep their Mauritian SIM card for banking purposes.
When I got my local Australian mobile number I immediately got rid of my Mtian SIM card.  On 6 January I emailed MCB through internet banking and asked them to update my new mobile number on my profile to enable me to make transfers.  Little did I know that they still need originals posted back to them by registered mail.  All the documents sighted to be true original copies by an Attorney at law and sent on line has no value whatsoever.  They need original in the mail.  I needed some money transferred for surgery they completely ignored my request.  It is my money and I cannot have access to it.  Imagine if I had to borrow for a loan or overdraft.  Thank God in Australia we do everything on line.  I have been in the Banking sector in Mauritius and Australia and I feel really sorry for the training of MCB staff.
I would be grateful if anyone out there can tell me how on earth I can get my money out of MCB and close my account.

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Hi Veermatee,

Request the closure of accounts forms, which you will have to complete and forward to them


Thanks but everything has to be done in originals n posted back to them by DHL costing me AUD170

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