Investing in Australia

Hello everyone,

During your expatriation in Australia, you might have been made aware of interesting investment schemes (local or international). Whether one wants to make money grow, protect oneself or prepare for retirement, investment is always an attractive option. It is, however, never free of risk. Would you, therefore, like to share some practical information for other expats and expats to be?

Is the Australian economy open to foreign investment? Do local authorities encourage investment (through formalities, tax etc.)?

What are the promising sectors to invest and do business in Australia?

Who do you turn to for information before investing your money? (organisation, professional, lawyer, consultant)

According to the sectors of activity and the projects, what budget should be foreseen for an investment in Australia?

What do you think are the pitfalls to avoid and what advice would you give someone who wants to invest?

Thanks in advance for your feedback,

investing in Australia is extremelly risky


Could you please qualify your rather simple statement with information as to why you think this way.
The idea of this forum is to provide information and advice to others.

its very risky because so many in finance industry bad people and whatever they choose to do to you nobody will come to your aid in the slightest way or generally even wanna know even anything about it

According to me, making start ups is quite better than investing in tight industries that r saturated. Instead produce an idea and solution to do start up which is for sustainable growth.

i dont understand

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