Moving to Tuscany

Hi everyone, Andy here. Currently renovating a farmhouse in Tuscany with a view to opening an agriturismo next year. Is there anyone else on here living in Tuscany or who has done a similar thing? Hope to hear from you.

Hi Andy where abouts are you ? I'm in Garfagnana area near to Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, we don't have an agriturismo but have been renovating our house for the past couple of years here

Hi Debs, thanks for replying to my post. I'm near Palaia, about 18km from Pontedera. Do you know Richard Burnett? He lives in the Garfagnana somewhere near to Barga. He installs satellite TV and internet systems and did ours for us a few weeks ago. How long have you been  in Tuscany?

Hi there, we don't know anyone really just a few Italian neighbours and workmen !
We have had the house for 5 years but it was uninhabitable for 2 .....we are getting there slowly as my husband lost his job a couple of years ago and we had to put things on hold for a while.
We are still not there permanently but get out there as much as we can ..... I wouldn't mind the internet guys details as the wifi is dire !

Hi guys,

We looking at place in castelnuovo di garfagnana so any details of helpful people will be much appreciated
We didn’t buy yet but I’m sure we going to so wanted to get as many details in advance as possible
Is there anyone that can help with buying as well?
Don’t know the rules yet etc

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