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Hello there,

My family and I are moving to Tuscany and would like any suggestions/advice on areas. I'm looking for a nice 3 bed house with fairly large garden. Bringing my dog and three cats from South Africa. Any response would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Valeriegster,

I will invite you to drop an advert in the Houses for rent in Tuscany section please as it might help :)

Thank you


Thank you very much. I will try it.

We are thinking of moving to Italy, preferably Tuscany or Umbria and would like to make contact with any South Africans who have done this or are planning to do it.  We have been there a few times, read many books and love the life style.  We also have a dog and 4 cats. My husband retires next July and both our children are at varsity. Any information will be appreciated.
Martie de Beer

Hi Martie,

We are also moving next year to Tuscany. I have no idea where. Just going. One dog and four cats. Keep in touch. You never know where we Saffers will end up.

Kind regards

Hi Val

Perhaps we should meet somewhere for a cup of coffee to discuss this... Where are you - Cape Town?



Thanks Maxamillian,

We are looking to buy a house.

Hi Martie,

No I am in Johannesburg.

im Italian, living here in Tuscany.
I suggest you to take a look of the city of  LUCCA - Tuscany....  just google.
Best place for live here under many defferent aspects. 
Good luck....

Hi there,

Thanks for the suggestion. I will have a look at Lucca. I have sort of fallen for Cortona or Camuchia as it is fairly close to Florence which is my most favourite town in Italy being an artist and art lover. Thanks for the info though. Will def. take a look.

You might want to consider moving to the Garfagnana area in north tuscany.Do some research on it and see what you think .Remo Zanoni.

Thank you very much for your suggestion. I will certainly have a look at the area.


Hi there, we are also moving from South Africa with a dog and three cats and are looking at the Le Marche region. It seems to be less expensive than Tuscany and Umbria.

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