Living in Quebec

You are an expatriate living in Quebec, or you used to  work and live in Quebec.

Share your expat experience!

How would you describe life in Quebec?

Has it been complicated to settle down, to find a job, and an accomodation? 

Is it complicated to make friends in Quebec?

What would you recommend to people who would like to live in Quebec?

Thanks in advance for your participation

Life in Canada is perfert I would recommend it and do not forget to speak some French but English is going to be ok ..

Making friends could have been easier in Quebec.

Hi Shadim,

I am Lona Tran. I am living HCM city, Vietnam now. I am looking forward to find a job in Canada in future. I like to live in Canada but it is difficult to go there from my country.
I am young and single. I can speak French and English
Any suggestions for me?

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you soon.

My good friend,

Lona Tran

Hello Lona Tran -> In which sector are you looking for work? :)

Thank you,