Does anyone knows any international school in Taoyuan?

I just moved in Taipei, I mean taoyuan because of my husband Job, we would like to find a very good school for our daughter, she is 6 and is going to preschool, if anyone can helps it could be cool!!
We are Spanish speaker and English speaker too, we are from Peru South America, we will love to get any news about,

Try looking online. But i don't think such school would be in Taoyuan. Maybe Hsinchu where many well-paid tech people work. The int'l schools tend to be in Taipei.

I appreciate your comment, but I live in Taoyuan, I have little time living here, but I guess there must be any international school nearby, the area you tell me is very far from home :(

But you can't expect an int'l school to be in a location with little demand. Taipei has ample demand in contrast. That's the reality.

Hello I am a person who lives in Taipei  so my English is very poor sorry
I know there a school named Taoyuan American School in Taoyuan that I can help  hope you like it

Got you! Your English is not bad!!
Thank you for your advance, I ve already apply to taoyuan international school, but let me tell you it's very expensive 😓, but we have to pay for our child.
Thank you again! 😊

You're Welcome

Can you speak Chinese ? I want to know is it difficult  for foreigner to learn Chinese You know Chinese is a subject in Taiwan I think is a very hard to learn  and if you want to translate some simple word or sentence to  Chinese you can send me a message I will do my best

Taoyuan American School (TYAS)

TYAS Address:1, Kainan Rd., Shinshing, Luchu, Taoyuan

     (03)341-1890   (03)215-1079

You're a translator? I can handle basic Mandarin. Can you translate the following into Chinese.
"My land line is usually quiet as a coyote trying to sneak up on a hen coop."



Learning a second language is generally difficult for anyone. Just ask English is for you. I know Americans who have been in Taiwan over 20 years but still can barely speak fluent Mandarin. A lot depends on talent.

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